Givecloud allows you to connect your DonorPerfect CRM to keep all your donor and financial data in one central CRM.

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Givecloud allow you to,

  • pushes all financial transactions into DonorPerfect in real-time, the moment each financial transaction occurs (whether it's online, using a swiper, using the point of sale, recording a cash payment, etc.)

  • pushes all email registrations or account sign-ups to DonorPerfect as donors.

  • uses intelligence to match the contact information provided by the donor to their matching DonorPerfect record (read more about this below).  If no match is found, a new donor is created.

  • Payments refunded in Givecloud are pushed to DonorPerfect as adjustments in real-time.

  • integrate any number of User Defined Fields (UDFs) in DonorPerfect.

How it Works

Every payment interaction creates a contribution in Givecloud. So every time a contribution is created, our robots will try to push that contribution into DP in real-time.

The contribution is pushed into DonorPerfect in two steps.  First, the donor is matched or created.  Second, each line item on the contribution is pushed as a separate gift to DonorPerfect.  Each gift is assigned to the matched or created donor.

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