Givecloud makes it easy for you to reconcile contributions and supporters between Givecloud and DonorPerfect. You can do it right from within Givecloud!

Anytime you see a Contribution and Gift ID displayed in Givecloud, you can click on that Contribution or Gift, and Givecloud will look up that Supporter or Gift in DonorPerfect for you and display it to you instantly.

For example, when reviewing a contribution, you can see the Donor and Gift ID created as a result of the contribution:

Lookup a Donor ID

Clicking on the Donor ID, Givecloud fetches the donor record for you from DonorPerfect. You'll also be able to see their past gifts and pledge records. This saves you from having to hop between two systems.

Lookup a Gift ID

Clicking on the Gift ID, Givecloud will fetch that Gift for you from DonorPerfect and displays the gift information.

How do I track a Givecloud Contribution from within the DonorPerfect interface?

  1. Log into DonorPerfect Online

  2. Click on the Search menu item

  3. Enter the donor ID number in the Last Name field

  4. Click the Lookup button

  5. The system will return the donor information

  6. Click on the Gifts tab

  7. Find the desired gift(s) by searching on the amount and/or date of the gift

  8. Click on the Edit button for the desired gift to see the gift details. You will see a reference to the Givecloud contribution number in the Gift Memo field.

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