Refunding/Voiding a Contribution

Givecloud allows you to refund an entire contribution simply and easily.

  1. Find the Contribution you are looking to refund.

  2. In the top right corner of the Contribution screen, click on the Red Arrow icon.

  3. Givecloud will mark the contribution as refunded and refund the total amount back to the customer/donor.

Partial Refunds

In order to refund a partial amount follow the same steps as above but instead select the Partial refund amount, and enter the amount you wish to refund.

Note: For Givecloud Profiles connected to DonorPerfect, order refunds are NOT automatically updated in DonorPerfect. To enable the auto-sync of all order refunds you will need to toggle on the setting. To do so visit Settings > Integrations > Donor Perfect

Note: If you are refunding a contribution with items that contain inventory, the inventory is not automatically added back to the items when the refund is issued. You will need to update the inventory on the item manually.

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