Givecloud allows you to track and manage inventory for each item and each item variant.

  • You can use Inventory Management to track how many of each variant you have on hand

  • You can also use this feature to limit sales of items where there is a finite supply. A good example would be an event where you have limited seating available.

Inventory Adjustment

The Inventory Adjustment in each item type allows you to update the Stock Remaining field to indicate the number of items you have in stock.

To access the Inventory of an item:

1- Click on the option that you want to adjust under Price & Options

2- On the window that pops up, click on the "Inventory" tab

Product Stock levels Report

The Product Stock Levels report displays the inventory level for all items in your system - showing items out of stock in red at the top of the report.

To access the "Product Stock Levels report" in your admin, click on Reports > Stock Levels

Limit # of Sales

There is also an option in the items screen for 'Limit # of Sales'. This option was put in place to allow an item-level limit that can supersede the individual Stock & Price variant inventory limits. This was built for an organization who runs a boating event where they can take up to 32 people. They also needed to have child tickets at one price and adult tickets at a different price. The adult and child tickets became the Stock & Price variants but they then set the Limit # of Sales value to 32. This allows them to have any number of child vs. adult tickets as long as the total (item level) ticket sales don't exceed 32.

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