DS allows you to create private pages, products and product categories that are only visible to a certain set of users. This is done using Memberships.

Note: This is only available in our Pro and Unlimited plans.

  1. Create the pages, products and categories you want to limit access to (you can change these afterwards).
  2. Create a Membership Level that fits the needs of your users. (example: Premium Partners or Hospital Board or Press & Media). Manage Memberships from the left side menu under 'Administration > Memberships'. When editting a Membership, look for the 'Secure' panel and select the Pages, Product Categories or Products that you want to be secured by this membership level.

    Once you secure a page, product or product category, it will no longer be viewable on your main website menu by the general public.

    Securing a Product Category does NOT automatically secure all the products in that category. It only secure's the link to the category itself. The products in that category can still be found by use the search box. If you want to secure an entire category and its products, be sure to secure individual products as well as their category.

    Once you've secured a page, product or product category, you should see a 'Lock' icon appear beside the appropriate items in the page, product and product category list screens in your control panel. The 'Lock' icon helps
    you recognize which pages, products and product categories require a membership inorder to view.
  3. If your users haven't already created account logins on your site, manually create them using the 'Accounts' option from the left menu.
  4. Once you have your list of users, you'll need to edit each user and assign them to the appropriate membership level (or you can set each membership level as you are creating each account). You can set an account's membership level using the Membership panel on the account screen and updating the Level field.
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