You can customize your product image or sponsorship image thumbnail settings to process images specific to your needs.

To change the thumbnail setting:

  1. Choose 'Settings & Admin' from the left menu.
  2. Under the 'Advanced' tab on the right hand menu, look for the 'Image Thumbnail Size' setting under 'General'.
  3. Change this value as you see fit. (read below)
  4. In the top right corner of the screen, click the 'Save' button.
    (NOTE: From time-to-time, settings will not update IMMEDIATELY. If you do not see your setting change, simply refresh your browser and check the setting again.)

How do I know what setting to use?

The setting works as follows: [width]x[height].

[width] = the width of each thumbnail

[height] = the height of each thumbnail

For the height and width values, you must only enter a positive number. You can also use a ? (question-mark) to specify an automatic value.

Fixed (consistent) thumbnail examples:

  1. A fixed square thumbnail: 300x300
  2. A fixed portrait thumbnail: 300x500
  3. A fixed landscape thumbnail: 500x300

In all of the cases above, DS will automatically resize and trim (or crop) your images to fit in the specified window.

If you'd prefer DS NOT to crop your images you can use a ? (question-mark) to specify an automatic height or width.

Variable (inconsistent) thumbnail examples:

  1. Force all my thumbnails to be 300 pixels wide and change the height proportionally: 300x? (this is the default and recommended setting)
  2. Force all my thumbnails to be 300 pixels high and change the width proportionally: ?x300
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