In addition to the general Order Received receipt that is emailed to your donors, Givecloud can send an additional email that is customized for a specific product placed in the order.

Product specific emails are great for products like an event registration product. In this case, perhaps you would like Givecloud to send an email with the details of the event, including a QR code for check-in.

To setup a product-specfic email responder:

  1. From the left menu, select 'Settings & Admin > Emails'.
  2. Beside Custom Emails, select the '+ Add' button.
  3. The General Panel helps setup and identify this email internally. None of the information you provide in these fields will be seen by the customer. Be sure to select the product you want this email to be associated with.
  4. The Email Panel is where you create your custom email responder. It's important that you keep the value of the To: field as [[bill_email]]. This ensures the billing address is used when sending this email noficiation. Alternatively, you could have this email sent to a specific individual on your team or to an email address entered by the customer into a custom field (perhaps the email of a friend).
  5. In the email body, you can use Merge Tags to refer to the custom fields of the product. Use the Merge Tag Cheat Sheet to help you identify which Merge Tags are available to you. Because this is a product-specific email, you have access to the Merge Tags under the 'Specific Product is Purchased' section.

How do I know what Merge Tag to use for custom fields?

Pay close attention to the SEQUENCE of your custom fields. This is how you will identify which Merge Tag to use in your email. Custom field merge tags are referenced as [[custom_field_xx]] where xx represents the sequence of your custom field.

If the first custom field in your product setup is 'Registrant Name', then you'd refer to that custom field by using [[custom_field_01]].

The sequence must be referenced as two digits. If the sequence is less than 10, you need the preceeding 0.

[[custom_field_01]] - Right
[[custom_field_12]] - Right
[[custom_field1]] - Wrong (missing the _ and the preceeding 0)
[[custom_field_8]] - Wrong (missing the preceeding 0)

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