The Child Sponsorship module is a full-featured Child Sponsorship database solution.  You can track all the children in your sponsorship program and related data.  You can manage what data stays private and for the public or the sponsors to view.

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Setting up a child profile

Adding custom fields

Setting up payment options

Importing your existing database

What's the URL for my sponsorship page on my website?

Designing my sponsorship page

Configure sponsorship settings

Gender settings on sponsorships

Setting up a Child Profile

To add a profile, head to Features > Sponsorships > Children on the left menu of your Givecloud admin dashboard.

Givecloud includes default Some fields in the sponsorship module. The default fields include,

Fill out the respective information for the child.

On the right-hand side, you will be asked to set:

  1. If the child is sponsored.
    You have three options here - Yes, No, or Auto.
    We recommend setting this to "Auto." When set to "Auto," the child's sponsored status will be automatically updated based on whether they have a sponsor or not. This means if sponsored, they'd be set to "Auto (Yes)," but if their sponsor cancelled, they'd be automatically changed to "Auto (No)."
    When set explicitly to "Yes," the child's sponsored status will remain as "Yes" whether they have a sponsor or not.
    When set explicitly to "No," the child's sponsored status will remain as "No" whether they have a sponsor or not.

  2. The payment option available.
    You can only choose one payment option per child, so keep this in mind when creating your payment options. NB: one payment option can have different frequencies - e.g. $360/yr and $37/mon.

  3. If this child's profile should be displayed "On Web" (on your website at
    If set to "On Web," they will display according to the settings you have configured under Features > Sponsorship > Configure - e.g. if they are sponsored, and you have it set to "hide sponsored records," then they will not display "On Web" when they are sponsored even though the setting is toggled on.

Adding Custom Fields

If you want to track any data outside the standard fields, you will need to set up custom fields.

Setting Up Payment Options

See how to configure your sponsorship payment options here.

Importing Your Sponsorship Database

Imports for sponsorship records, photos and sponsor records are included in Givecloud's onboarding packages.

Once you've set up the database to track your children the way you need (added custom fields & payment options), we'll provide you with a pre-formatted spreadsheet that your team will populate with all your child records. If you're looking to import existing sponsorships/recurring payments, we'll provide you with a second spreadsheet for these records. We'll analyze those files, provide feedback, and import the data.

Provide photos to Givecloud in a shared drive. Label Sponsorship image by reference number. Givecloud import tool will upload the image files and attach each picture to the correct sponsorship profile.

Where do I find the sponsorship page on my website?

The sponsorship page is an automatically generated page that you will find by adding "/sponsorship" to the end of your domain - e.g.

How do I customize the look of my sponsorship page?

To customize the look of your sponsorship page, go to Features > Website > Site Design, and then select the Sponsorship tab.

Configure Sponsorship Settings

Click on Features > Sponsorship > Configure to modify the settings.

  • Age of Maturity: Children who have reached this age will no longer be automatically re-listed for sponsorship when an existing sponsorship expires.  You can also run reports to help you determine how to handle any current sponsorships on those individuals.

  • Max Sponsors: Use this field to specify the maximum number of sponsors that a sponsored individual can have. When a sponsored individual reaches this maximum number, GiveCloud will show the individual as Sponsored and not allow additional sponsors. If the child (or other sponsored individual) already has at least one sponsor but has not reached the Max. Sponsors number of sponsors; they will show as Sponsored but will still allow additional sponsorship(s) up to the defined maximum.

Gender Settings on Sponsorships

If you wish not to share or add gender on a sponsorship profile, select Unspecified as the gender on the Sponsorship profile.

If you wish to hide gender from your site,

  1. Go to Features > Website > Site Design > Sponsorship > General, and toggle off Show Gender.

  2. Save changes.

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