Enabling Tax Receipts

The first thing you will need to do is Enable the Tax Receipt Function on your Givecloud site.

1. From the left menu, select Settings & Admin > Tax Receipts. If you do not see ‘Tax Receipts’ as an option, you may not have the necessary user permissions enabled. (ask your account admin to change your settings; they will be able to give you the necessary permissions)

2. Turn Tax Receipts: ON by toggling the ‘Enable’ to the green checkmark.

3. Select your Receipt Type:

Single Receipt will send an individual receipt with each transaction.

Consolidated will not send automatic receipts after each transaction. All tax receiptable amounts will be consolidated into one annual receipt which you will manually need to issue.

No Receipt will not issue any tax receipts through Giveclould.

You will need to decide which option works best for your organization, Single Receipts, Consolidated, or No Receipt. You are not able to have both options, this avoids the potential for duplicate tax receipts being sent.

4. Follow the on-screen panels to complete your setup

5.Hit Save

Managing Receiptable Transactions

Before GiveCloud can send Tax Receipts, you need to enable the tax receipt setting on individual items so Givecloud knows which items are receiptable.

1. From the left menu, select Sell & Fundraise > Items

2. Click on a receiptable item (eg a donation fund)

3. On the right-side panel, select ‘Allow Tax Receipts’, then hit ‘Save’.

Issuing Consolidated Tax Receipts

1. Go to Reports > Tax Receipts

2. In the top right of the screen select the button ‘Consolidated Receipting’ to begin issuing receipts for the tax period.

3. Fill out the required fields and click ‘Generate Receipts’

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