Givecloud's built-in Recurring Payments allow you to focus on growing your monthly giving programs without having to worry about processing payments, reminding donors of payments, or following up with failed payments.

  • Givecloud automatically charges every card or bank account on the appropriate day.

  • Donors whose payments fail will automatically receive an email you customize.  The email can encourage the donor to update their own profile.  The profile is automatically "Suspended" (or 'Paused') and will remain suspended until either the donor or your staff re-activates the profile.

  • Givecloud allows donors to select the date, frequency and amount of their payment, depending on the settings you allow. For example, you can leave it open-ended or restrict amounts, dates and frequencies.

  • Donors can login and manage their recurring payments all on their own, including their name and address, amounts, frequencies, dates, and payment methods.  No more calling your staff to change addresses or add new card numbers.

  • Givecloud automatically communicates with your donors.  For example, you can send reminders x-days before their payment, x-days before their card expires, after their payment processes, when their payment fails, after their card expires, and more.  You set up these emails one time, and Givecloud will manage them.

  • Customize communication in Givecloud to appear as though they are genuinely coming from one of your staff members, so the communications feel authentic. For example, if there's a problem with their payment, a button in the email will encourage them to "Click to Fix" whatever potential problem.

  • Detailed reporting shows you a breakdown of all transactions processed.

Recurring Payment Profiles

Every recurring payment or donation creates a Recurring Payment Profile (RPP).  An RPP describes how much, how often, and what payment method to charge a donor.  RPP's can have three statuses:

"Active" Status

An Active RPP is a payment that is being actively charged on a recurring basis.  You'll know the next time an RPP will be charged by looking for the "Next Billing Date" field.

"Suspended" Status

A Suspended RPP is a recurring payment that is 'Paused' or 'On Hold' because either:

  • the last attempt to charge the payment method failed, or

  • the donor explicitly requested the RPP to be 'paused' (whether through your staff or the donor portal)

Suspended profiles can be "Re-Enabled."  This will re-activate the RPP and automatically charge the payment method during the next queue.  Payment queues run every 5AM EST (-05:00 UTC).

"Cancelled" Status

A Cancelled profile is a profile that can no longer be charged and will no longer be charged.  Cancelled profiles cannot be 'uncancelled.'  This gives donors peace of mind knowing that if they request a cancellation, their payment will truly be discontinued, and no staff member or volunteer has a way of charging that card again.

Automated Donor Notifications & Reminders

To manage Givecloud's automated email notifications, click to Communicate > All Automated Emails.

You can customize notifications:

  • When a new recurring payment is created

  • After a payment succeeds

  • After a payment fails

  • After a credit card expires

  • 30 days before a card expires

  • 3 days before a card is charged

  • Once a card expires

Need your staff to be notified?  Add your staff to the CC or BCC list in any of the emails above.

Most of these emails are sent when payments are queued at 5 AM EST (-05:00 UTC).

Manual Recurring Payments

It is possible to create recurring payments that will not automatically be processed.  This is great for tracking those who give by cash, check, or pay through some other third-party system.  Each payment that is received is recorded against the recurring payment.

See our Manual Recurring Payments article for more detail.

Integration with CRMs


In your Settings > Integrations > DonorPerfect settings panel, you can customize how Givecloud syncs recurring payments to DonorPerfect.  By default, Givecloud will create non-automatic Pledges in DonorPerfect.  This allows you to track recurring payments in DonorPerfect but prevents DonorPerfect from charging them.  See the DonorPerfect Integration article for more details.

Recurring Payments using Paypal

Important Requirement for New Recurring Donations

For Givecloud to process new recurring payments using PayPal, you must submit a support ticket directly to PayPal requesting that they enable 'Reference Transactions' on your account.

'Reference Transactions' allow Givecloud to create billing agreements between you and your donors.

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