Givecloud's technology allows you to customize your domain safely and securely without your supporters ever seeing Givecloud in their address bar.  This creates a truly custom-branded and more trusted experience.

You can choose any domain or subdomain you'd like.  For example:

  • (default)

  • (or, .org, .net, .co,, etc)

  • (or

Customizing your domain is a simple process. Please let our team at know before you do this. We recommend doing the domain switch while our support team is around, as it will not work until the SSL certificate has been generated for it. Our recommended timeframe would be between 9 am - 4 pm EST, Monday-Friday.

  1. Go to Features > Website > Configure.

  2. In the Custom Domain section, enter the custom domain you want to use.

  3. On the left side of the Custom Domain panel, follow the instructions to connect your domain to the Givecloud servers (using either a CNAME or A-RECORD).

  4. Hit Save. 

  5. Let our team at know what your custom domain is and that you have updated your DNS records as we will need to generate an SSL certificate for it.

    NB: It can sometimes take up to 48hrs for DNS changes to propagate before we can generate the SSL - however, it rarely takes this long. If it does take a little while, we recommend using the setting 'Do not force all traffic to this domain, allowing your website to be still accessed through your domain in the meantime.
    Once the changes have propagated and the SSL has been generated, make sure to switch this setting back off again so that your website can only be accessed through your new custom domain.

Notes to Domain Administrators (aka: Nerds 👩🏽‍💻)

For a Top-level domain (TLD) like -, you should use an A record pointing to Be warned: You should not use a CNAME record with a TLD, as it may cause issues with other services on the domain, like email.

For a Subdomain, it is best to set a CNAME record pointing to your Givecloud subdomain. This allows the DNS to automatically adjust if the server's IP is changed on Givecloud. You can also use an A record as above, but it will not auto-update.

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